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Q. What is home care?
Home care encompasses a wide variety of services including hospice care, physical therapy, short-terms assistance after hospital stays, and assistance with bathing and dressing. Home care agencies often provide rehabilitation and therapeutic care for the elderly and people with disabilities. SpectraCare will provide a comprehensive assessment to create a care plan to the individual needs for you or your loved ones.

Q. How do I choose a home care provider?
It is important that you know your options in order to select the best service and price for you and your family. Much of the necessary information can be found on our website and we are always happy to answer any questions you have about our agency and the benefits of working with an SpectraCare aide.

Q. Who should be involved in the process?
The person needing care, as well as their family and physician, should all be involved in the decision making and selection of a home care aide.

Q. What are the benefits of non medical home care?

A. Today, home care is the preferred alternative to a nursing home, rehabilitative center or hospital. People who are aging, healing, disabled or recuperating from surgery are happier in their own environment with familiar surroundings. Family members may also contribute to ones care in the home setting. Staying home encourages healing, and helps one maintain their independence and dignity.

Q. What level of care can Spectra Care HomeCare Services provide our family?
A. Depending on your needs, SpectraCare HomeCare Services can provide a vast array of non medical services to assist you and your family’s particular circumstances. We come to your home, do an assessment, and make recommendations that we feel would work best for you. Sometimes that is just providing companionship a few days a week, a homemaker to do some grocery shopping and meal preparation or a bath visit. If you are a new mom just returning home with your infant, wouldn't it be nice to have an extra pair of hands to do some cooking or someone to run some errands for you? Our services are very flexible and we can adapt them to any situation. SpectraCare Home Care Services provides a combination of services. We offer services temporarily or long-term. We care for seniors, retirees, veterans, adults injured or recuperating, undergoing chemotherapy, battling a disease, post operative recovery, expectant mothers or new moms.

Q. What are your hours of service?
A. Shifts are available in a variety of time increments, but are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are available to answer any questions you may have. We ask for as much scheduling notice as possible to coordinate all of our efforts to give you the maximum benefit from our services. We will always try to accommodate a last minute request or an emergency.

Q. Are your caregivers independent contractors?
A. No we do not hire any 1099 employees, all caregivers work for SpectraCare. SpectraCare Homecare Services caregivers are fully trained, and screened with background checks, license checks and reference checks. We are bonded and insured and operate under the "Health Care Service Firm" license granted by the State of New Jersey. Our staff RN supervises all CHHA's and does the initial care plan for the client, to be followed by the CHHA. All caregivers and homemakers are supervised on a regular basis as well. Finally, all caregivers are instructed to write in the clients journal daily that is left in the home by Spectra Care. This is for the family to see what is being done and encourages open communication between all parties.

Q. Do you provide services to assisted living facilities and nursing homes?
A. Yes, we can visit your loved one while they are at a facility to supplement their care or provide services that the facility cannot provide. We can coordinate these services with the facility to avoid any duplications of service.

Q. What if my regular caregiver gets sick?
A. No problem! We will replace your regular caregiver with someone equally qualified until your regular caregiver can return.

Q. How do I pay for services?
A. Services are private pay, unless you have a long term care insurance policy. We will then assist you with filing the forms for your long-term care policy. We bill weekly.

Q. Will SpectraCare HomeCare Services protect my family member’s privacy?
A. Absolutely! We respect the privacy of those for whom we provide care as required by HIPAA regulations.
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